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Made With Cold-Pressed, Raw Ingredients for High Performance Skin Care

For All Skin Types + Sensitive Skin

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Clearer, Youthful, Stress-Free Skin IS Possible

With zero artificial chemicals, essential oils or fragrances- that leaves more room for impactful ingredients that create a perfect balance for your skin to thrive!

The ORIGINAL Glow Serum

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"I never expected to start a skincare business..I was just trying to find a permanent solution for myself after years of struggling with my own skin. Creating  products that TRULY worked came long before a business plan..." Leon Eugene (2016)

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The butter melted quickly onto my skin. Instantly i saw how it brightened up my under eyes, love how a little bit goes a long way. 

Adiam Yohannes

Just finished the regimen and my skin feels so refreshed! I just love everything... nothing felt harsh and it was so easy to do. The moisturizer is the best I ever tried and I've tried a lot for my very dry skin. I only needed a small amount which was very surprising. I highly recommend

Shanna Howtopat

I’m a registered nurse, and work in aesthetics, so I’m very familiar with various skin care lines out there. But, this skin care line is so different because everything is organic and vegan, leaving your skin soft and nourished. I cant leave the house without my moisturizer! I highly recommend this fabulous brand.

Dani Michaell

All I can say is... THEIR PRODUCTS WORK! 

Karli Fletcher

Conscious Skin Care That Feels Good To Use

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The L. Eugene Natural Skin Science Story

Developed by Master Esthetician Leon Eugene who initially sought out a long term solution for his own acne prone, sensitive, and oily skin. Even with access to an array of products + clinical strength ingredients - Leon found that his skin was becoming more sensitized and the products would stop working after about a month. 

After relocating to Los Angeles, the pressure to finally achieve clear skin grew quickly! Leon and partner Shawn Bo began testing raw ingredients and making their own Castile soap, brewing their own toner and testing countless cold pressed oils. Soon they had developed a personal skin care routine that made DRASTIC differences in their skin and self confidence.  After sharing some of their home-made products with other people the feedback was unanimous that these products provide clearer, smoother skin for all skin types.

So, they decided to launch L. Eugene Natural Skin Science! A line dedicated to pure ingredients, a simple skin care routine and most importantly, RESULTS!  Natural Skin Science is for all people including those with sensitive skin that desire luxury, 100% natural skin-care products that promote smoother, radiant and healthier skin.