Original Glow Serum | 1oz
Original Glow Serum | 1oz

Original Glow Serum | 1oz

Natural Skin Science
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A blend of cold pressed oils safe for all skin types. Non pore clogging,  liquid vitamins enhance your complexion and promote healthier, more radiant skin. Non-Comedogenic.

Benefit Summary:

-Provides readily available nutrients to top two layers of the skin

-Instant GLOW

-Softens fine lines and scars

-Dematitis relief

-SPF protection

Applying a few drops of this serum will help to immediately soothe irritated dry skin with, highly effective ingredients. Formulated with the goal of achieving a Mind Blowing Glow, this serum works wonders for anyone desiring the benefits of a vitamin and antioxidant-rich (carrot seed), anti-aging (pumpkin seed) serum with non pore clogging oils. Suitable for all skin types + the added SPF protection benefits of Rose hips and red raspberry seed oils. Apply just a couple drops for immediate radiance and glowing skin.

Dispense 1 small drop into clean hands
It is very important to use a small amount so that the skin isn’t coated
Warm the serum in your hand using circular motions 
Pat serum on the face, neck area and anywhere you feel dry.

Ingredients: ALL OILS ARE ORGANIC AND COLD PRESSED with an infusion process is specified to L.Eugene Natural Skin Science (Rose-hip, carrot seed, red raspberry, pumpkin seed). No water, glycerin or fillers in this product.