Signature Face Wash Castile Soap, L Eugene Natural Skin Science
Signature Face Wash Castile Soap, L Eugene Natural Skin Science

Signature Face Wash | 2oz

Natural Skin Science
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Signature Face Wash | 2oz

When our skin looks and feels good, we feel good too!

Washing your face seems like a simple task. Just grab a cleanser and go, right? Well, not exactly. It may be the most basic of skincare steps, but dermatologists and skincare experts know that using the right cleanser for your skin is key for a clear, glowing complexion. 

When you use our Signature Face Wash daily, your skin feels clean, healthy and supple. Blemishes are eliminated and your complexion is clear and smooth.

This gentle, natural organic face wash provides a deep cleansing without stripping the oils from your skin. It quickly and effectively removes dirt, oil, and makeup with a lathering formula while soothing red or acne prone skin and leaves you with clear, radiant skin!

Key Benefits:
- Deep cleanser removes excess dirt, oil and make-up quickly
- Mild enough for sensitive skin and those prone to redness
- Castile based formula for easy lather
- First step to combat acne and/or ingrown hairs

How To Use:

  1. Shake Bottle
  2. Wet face and apply cleanser
  3. Lather using hands or a face washing brush. Avoid contact with eyes to prevent discomfort.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

NOTE: This 2oz supply will last about two months with twice daily cleansing.

Made with organic, cold-pressed chemical free oils to include carrot seed oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, rose hip oil, and peppermint oil in a Natural Skin Science specified blend. PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. The best organic face wash for sensitive skin, combination skin and dry skin.